Parties For ages 4-7 Years

We concentrate on doing parties that are child lead with lots of games and fun.  We believe that all children are amazing and usually smarter then the grown ups! You are welcome to pick and choose activities from different packages. 

We can do both lively parties with lots of music and games and quieter parties where the children do some crafts and chill out. 

We cater for large and small parties. However smaller numbers means the birthday child and the guests get to do more activities. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

🌟Firefly Parties Host
🌟Party Games
🌟Balloon animals
🌟Mini disco
🌟Dance routines
🌟Arty activity

🌟Firefly Host
🌟Optional Theme
🌟Magic Show
🌟Party Games
🌟Mini Disco
🌟Balloon Animals
🌟 Suits up to 7 years

🌟Decorate a VIP Pass
🌟Party Games
🌟Party Music
🌟Disco Light
🌟Spot Prizes
🌟Dance Contest
🌟Balloon Animals

🌟Bear Kit for Each Guest
🌟Bear Stuffing
🌟Decorate it's t-shirt
🌟Exclusive birth certificate
🌟Make a magic wish
🌟Party Games
🌟Music provided

🌟Choose a craft:
Slime Making
Fairy and Wizard Crafts
🌟Qualified Art Host
🌟All materials
🌟All equipment
🌟Option to add in party games

🌟Fairy Princess
🌟Fairy and Wizard

🌟 Star Wars
🌟 Jungle Explorer
🌟 Ninja