Adventure Party

At this party we will do some themed arts and crafts to start like making a creeper mask or a superhero house. Next up are our energetic party games and challenges with lots of action and music. Will you be a good enough adventurer to get a balloon sword going home?

Superhero, Pirate, Pokemon, Star Wars, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Wild Animals, Dinosaur

Our Magical Party can also be Themed

What Happens!

🌟Party Games
Adventure Challenges! Test your speed, stealth and luck with our party games. For Harry Potter we do Hogwarts classses like dueling! Games like Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Four Corners… vary to suit the group on the day. With lots of fun music.

🌟Balloon Swords
No adventure is complete without a balloon sword! 

🌟Mini Disco
Some of your favorite dances like the Macarana and Cha, Cha, Slide plus time to show off your best dance moves to some epic tunes.

🎨Themed Crafts
A themed craft or coloring activity like pirate hats, or magic wands

🌟Treasure Hunt
Go on a hunt to find the golden coins! How many will you find?



1.5 Hours €150
2 Hours –  €165

Recommended Numbers – This party best suits up to 15 guests for arts and crafts 

Travel Charge may apply

Party Bags – €2.50 Each

🌟 Themes:
Unisex  – To suit everyone
Fairytale – Princess, Unicorn, Mermaid, Flowers etc.
Adventure – Pirate, Superhero, Gamers, Wild Animals

🌟Includes- Bags of crisps, 2 small sweet items and 3 novelty items. Example- mini jigsaw, stickers, puzzle book, pack of crayons, gli