Our No.1 Fabulously Fun Party! Your party entertainer will arrive to transform everyone with face/arm painting, make everyone a balloon model to take home and play some fun games with rockin’ music on for the full time. We finish of with a disco boogie. This party has approx 1 hour face painting.

Themed Classic party also includes themed colouring pages, an entertainer in themed costumed (For some themes) and themed games when possible! Some themes work better then others for games like Harry Potter.

Frozen, Fairy, Princess, LOL, Superhero, Pirate, Harry Potter, Explorer, Jojo Siwa, Butterfly, Minnie/Mickey Mouse, Mermaid, Trolls, Dinosaur, Custom Theme

Classic Party – Face Painting, Party games, Mini disco, Balloon Modeling – €150 – 2 hours
Classic Party Themed  – All the above plus themed colouring pages – €165 – 2 Hours

Monday to Thursday on a school day this party is €100/€115 for 2 hours. Travel may apply

Suitable for around a max of 20 children and age 4+

Some of the fun games we might play! If there is a game that you really want please let us know because we change the games to suit the group on the day.

Pass The Parcel – A really fun passing game! (We may leave this out if we feel children might get upset about winning)
Pass the Unicorn/Heart/Shark – A passing game where anything can happen! Do you know you stuff?
The Missing Party Guest – Someone from the party has disappeared but who? A game that is great for age 5 and over.
Musical Bumps Challenge – Who can be faster in this mad cap sitting game!
Where is the? – A mini treasure hunt to find something that has gone missing!
Parachute Games – Up and down and all around! Join in with these chasing, swapping games
Musical Statues – An all time favorite!
4 Corners – You need luck for this game!
Themed Party Games – Some themes have great party games like Harry Potter

Party Bags -€2 each
Candy Cones – €2.50 each -There may be a travel charge for your area.
Glitter Tattoos Instead of Face Painting – €10 surcharge
-There may be a travel charge 
-For FAQ’s and T&C’s Click HERE.
-Activities are subject to change and depend on the numbers on the day and what the children want to do.
-It’s best to have food when we are face painting and not out during the group activities because it’s a distraction!