Our No.1 Fabulously Fun Party! Your party entertainer will arrive to transform everyone with face/arm painting, make everyone a balloon model to take home and play some fun games with rockin’ music on for the full time. We finish of with a disco boogie. This party has approx 1 hour face painting.

Arts and crafts can be added in for smaller numbers or when loud games are not possible. Please request when booking

1.5 Hours €130/2 Hours €150 

Age 4+

Monday to Thursday on a school day this party is €100 for 2 hours. Travel may apply

Some of the fun games we might play! If there is a game that you really want please let us know because we change the games to suit the group on the day.

Pass The Parcel – A really fun passing game! (We may leave this out if we feel children might get upset about winning)
Pass the Unicorn/Heart/Shark – A passing game where anything can happen! Do you know you stuff?
The Missing Party Guest – Someone from the party has disappeared but who? A game that is great for age 5 and over.
Musical Bumps Challenge – Who can be faster in this mad cap sitting game!
Where is the? – A mini treasure hunt to find something that has gone missing!
Parachute Games – Up and down and all around! Join in with these chasing, swapping games
Musical Statues – An all time favorite!
4 Corners – You need luck for this game!

Party Bags -€2 each
Candy Cones – €2.50 each -There may be a travel charge for your area.
Glitter Tattoos Instead of Face Painting – €10 surcharge
-There may be a travel charge 
-For FAQ’s and T&C’s Click HERE.
-Activities are subject to change and depend on the numbers on the day and what the children want to do.
-It’s best to have food when we are face painting and not out during the group activities because it’s a distraction!