Choose a Theme:

Dinosaur : Pirate : Superhero : Minecraft : Star Wars : Pokemon

This party is an exciting adventure based on your favourite theme. Get a cool face paint, play some epic party games with  lots of action and music. Will you be a good enough adventurer to get a balloon sword going home? Also available Pokemon, Minecraft and Star Wars!

This party is suitable for both boys and girls.

What Happens!

🌟Themed Entertainer
The entertainer will wear a themed costume or t-shirt to match your theme!

🌟Themed Face/Arm Painting
Get a dinosaur, pokeball, be a pirate or maybe a creeper! 

🌟Party Games
Adventure Challenges! Test your speed, stealth and luck with our party games. Games vary to suit the group on the day. 

🌟Balloon Swords
Have an epic balloon sword battle! 

🌟Mini Disco
Some of your favorite dances like the Macarana and Cha, Cha, Slide plus time to show off your best dance moves to some epic tunes.


1.5 Hours €150
2 Hours –€165

What fits into the time depends on the number of children invited.

Travel Charge may apply

Party Bags – €2.50 Each

🌟 Themes:
Unisex  – To suit everyone
Fairytale – Princess, Unicorn, Mermaid, Flowers etc.
Adventure – Pirate, Superhero, Gamers, Wild Animals

🌟Includes- Bags of crisps, 2 small sweet items and 3 novelty items. Example- mini jigsaw, stickers, puzzle book, pack of crayons, gli