Parties at The Rehearsal Hub Dungarvan

We can organise at venue for you in The Rehearsal Hub Dungarvan.  You have the space all to yourself! The price includes €40 room hire for 2 hours (Mini Party 1.5 Hours)  and all the entertainment. You provide anything else like food, sweets, drinks & party bags.

You do not have to use this venue. You can book your own venue or have a party in your home and we will come to you! 

⭐Face painting (Optional)
⭐Party Games
⭐Giant Parachute Games
⭐Mini Disco
⭐Balloon Twisting
⭐Crafts/Circus Skills (Max 20)
⭐Max 30

⭐Design a VIP Pass
⭐Face Painting (Optional)
⭐Party Games
⭐Dance Routines
⭐Dress up box
⭐Walk the Red Carpet
⭐Sing on the microphone
⭐Lights out Disco!
⭐ All activities included with up to 20 kids but up to 35

⭐Themed Entertainer
⭐Themed Crafts/colouring
⭐Themed Face Painting
⭐Party Games
⭐Dress Up Box
⭐Red Carpet
⭐Party Games
⭐Mini Disco
⭐Max of 20
Party Themes: Fairy, Encanto, Unicorn, Harry Potter, Dinosaur, Pirate, Superhero, Pokemon , Star Wars, LOL, Minecraft/Gamers, Circus, Minnie Mouse, Jungle, Barbie

⭐This party lasts 1.5 Hours
⭐Party Games
⭐Giant Parachute
⭐Mini disco
⭐Balloon Twisting
⭐Face Painting (Optional)
⭐Extra activities for smaller numbers

This party has a 1 hour arty activity plus party games and a mini disco! (Other activities like face painting, circus, balloons available)

Choose ONE Craft:
⭐ Slime Making 5+
⭐Dream Catchers 8+
⭐Fairy Crafts 5+
⭐Tote Bag Designing 7+
⭐Paint a canvas 8+
⭐€200 up to 10, €5 per extra child

Did You Know?

You can choose from any of our other party packages. Just add on €40 to hire the venue.

Important Information About Face Painting –  Face painting is a “one-to-one” activity where the children come to the entertainer one at a time. There will be no other entertainment happening during this and it takes longer the more children you invite. If you want the children to be entertained together leave this out. 

More Information

⭐We take a deposit and the balance is payable in cash on the day
⭐We do not provide food/drinks/sweets/cake/party bags /party ware
⭐The venue has tables and chairs.
⭐The room will be available 20 minutes before the party starts. 
⭐All rubbish must be taken home and the room left clean and tidy. 
⭐Please do not bring any noise makers, party poppers, confetti or confetti filled balloons.
⭐The party layout for the 2 hour party is 1 hour of activities, 30 minutes break for your food/cake/sweets, 30 minutes more activities . The 1.5 Hour party doesn’t have a break, we can discuss what you want to do!

We do not own the venue, we just facilitate hiring the room for you.