If you are as mad about Harry Potter as we are you have come to the right place! But don’t worry if some of your classmates are not as obsessed, we will help them out! Hosted by a Hogwarts student we do loads of Harry Potter games and activities including, getting sorted into your house, solving riddles, charms class, dueling with wands, inadvisability cloak game, dance at the yule ball, escape the dementors…..lets just hope Professor Snape is on HOLIDAYS!

Plus we will add in things like colouring, magic or balloon modelling depending on the age group and the numbers at the party. If you have a preference please let us know before the party.

1.5 Hours – €150

Party Bags -€2 each
Candy Cones – €2.50 each

-There may be a travel charge for your area.
-For FAQ’s and T&C’s Click HERE.
-Activities are subject to change and depend on the numbers on the day and what the children want to do.
-Best to keep food until after the activities are finished