We have already prices listed on each party page. There may be an extra charge for travel and venue hire in NOT included Parties Age 4-7 YearsParties Age 8-13 years

Party Advice!

From doing hundreds of parties this is the advice we give so that everyone has a great party!

Number of Guests – It is important that we know the max numbers that are coming, we will suit the activities to the numbers.  Activities like face painting and glitter tattoos take approx 3 mins per child so bear that in mind when booking.
Party Activities – Every party is different and as entertainers we have to think on our feet and suit the activities to the guests on the day. This means that sometimes activities may be slightly different so that the children have a fun time.
Party food Time – Generally best to do party food about 1 hour into the party entertainment or when we are gone.Pretty please do not to have any food available while we are doing activities!  The children will be distracted and will not fully engage with the entertainer.
What do we need? – -A clear space, Access to a socket, 2 chairs if face painting/glitter tattoos/nail painting, A large table if doing an art and craft activity OR a clear hard floor surface and we can sit on the floor.
Magic Show Time! – The magician cannot have a window, mirror or TV behind them., Children under 3 MUST be supervised by parents. They don’t understand that the cannot walk up and take things! Mums and Dads love to chat but  the children cannot hear the show. Please save the conversation until the show is over and enjoy watching your kids reactions!

Terms and Conditions 

Please have a read before your party/event 

Inquires – An inquiry is not a booking and dates cannot be held until confirmed. A booking is when  you ask to book that date and we have taken your contact details, address and it is fully confirmed when a deposit is paid.
Travel- As a mobile service we do need to charge a bit extra for travel if you are further away. We will check the travel and let you know before you book. We are based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Before the Day- Please email, call or text a couple of days before the party to:
– Confirm numbers
– Ask any questions you may have
– To send on directions to your home.  (If we need them!)

We ask you to contact us as a safety measure! If by any chance we have lost your contact details and/or are unable to reach you this makes sure that we can get in contact!

Deposits/Cancellations- A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking. If you cancel 10 working days before your booking you can choose to: 1. Reschedule your booking OR 2. If we can re-book your date we will refund 50% of the deposit after PayPal/bank fees. Deposits are non-transferable.
If Firefly Parties Cancels- Should Firefly Parties and Events have to cancel any bookings due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund of any money paid will be given (within 28 days) and we will endeavour to satisfy the client’s requirements wherever possible. We will try to contact another entertainer on your behalf if it is short notice. Firefly Parties and Events bear no responsibility for such cancellations which are caused by circumstances outside of our control.
Payment- The remaining balance due is paid on the day of the booking. It helps a lot if you you can it ready in an envelope before the party starts. When we are finished it is often really busy so it saves you needing to think about it and saves us waiting around.
Parking- It is important that the entertainer is able to park their car adjacent to the party venue. It is also important that no one blocks in the entertainer after the party! If the room or venue is difficult to access and we have not been informed about this before the party we may need to shorten the entertainment so we are not late for our next booking. You would not like us to be late for your booking! If your area has pay parking please inform us before the party as this will be added onto your party fee.
The Room- We can work in whatever space is available. However, the clearer the room the better! Move any furniture to the edges and if you have any breakables that you do not want to be damaged it might be a good idea to put them away during the party. Make sure that the area is safe for the children to dance and play. We need a socket for the music. We can work outside if it is a nice day, arts and crafts are not good outside if it is windy!
Timing – We must start at the appointed time. Any delay may make us late for our next scheduled party/event. That would not be fun! We endeavour to get to your party before the time you have booked. However there is a chance of delays which may be caused by circumstances outside of our control.  If we are delayed we will contact you enroute and advise.
The Activities – Our entertainment is designed for children aged 4 years up so we do ask that parents supervise any children under the age of 4 so as to avoid disruptions. 3 year old’s can get involved with the help of a parent. Our entertainment is not suitable for under 3’s.
– It is the responsibility of the adults in charge of the party to supervise children and ensure their safety at all times. This is to ensure compliance with the Children’s First Bill of 2012. If on a rare occasion a child is being disruptive, it is the responsibility of parents to address them. Firefly Parties and Events cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of the guests and the host must address any disruptive behaviour in order to ensure the fun can go on. We are there to have fun with the children and not as a disciplinarian.
– On a rare occasion we may need to alter our services or activities.  You will be notified of any changes and we endeavor to ensure that any alterations will not affect the booking. 

Weddings and Similar Family Occasions-  If there is a delay in us starting we will stay until the original time booked OR we can extend the time (if possible). If you want us to stay later than the booking time it costs €25 per extra half hour. (Staying later is only available for certain bookings that generally start after 5/6pm)
– Entertainment must take place in the room where the adults are or in an adjacent room with the door open so the children can go to their parents. We cannot be responsible for minding children at a wedding. Please remember you are booking children’s entertainers. If you want the children kept away in a separate room you will need to have another adult in the room, have a number of entertainers or hire a separate child minder. Our entertainment is suitable for children age 4 years and over. (see “The Activities” above)
 -Due to the nature of Christenings, Weddings, First Holy Communions & Confirmation parties, the children will come and go with the entertainer.  They usually wish to show their parents what they have made, their face paint etc. They will also need a parent to help bring them to be bathroom if required.
Photographs- Firefly Parties and Events may take photographs at your party for use on the website, facebook/twitter or advertising.  The children’s names, location etc are never used.  If you do not wish us to take or use photos please let your entertainer know when she arrives at the party/event.
Liability – Firefly Parties and Events are public liability insured and take the upmost care to ensure the safety of all party/event participants, we only use high quality products and activities that are suitable for children. No Liability is accepted for loss, damage to persons or property and reactions or injury sustained whilst attending a party/event or thereafter. (whether that failure is due to negligence on the part of Firefly Parties and Events, its subcontractors or due to other causes). All allergies, ailments or other similar conditions of the participants, which may affect the entertainment in any way, must be reported to us prior to the date.
Privacy- Firefly Parties and Events respect and protect the privacy of its clients. Personal details, including email address and telephone numbers are treated in confidence. These will not be disclosed to any third party.
Complaints/Queries- Any queries or complaints relating to an event must be received in writing within 7 days of the event. Firefly Parties and Events will endeavor to reply within 14 working days.
Force Majeure- No liability is accepted for the failure of an event running due to strike, lock out, terrorism, weather, hostilities, act of God or any other circumstances outside Firefly Parties and Events Control.

Face Painting/Glitter Tattoos Disclaimer
All the products that we use are FDA and EU approved and are hypo-allergenic. We face paint children aged 3 and over. We do not face paint: children under 3 , anyone who’s skins shows symptoms of medical conditions, anyone who does not want to be painted, anyone that will not sit still enough to be painted safely.  If you are concerned over sensitivity to the products we can do a patch test before painting. Should a reaction occur that child cannot be painted. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions. Face painting takes about 3-4 mins per child depending on what the child chooses. Some children are faster while others need time and help from us to decide what they want.