A magic party with lots of funtastic activities! Expect lots and lots of laughing and pointing as Miss.Firefly tries to do some magic tricks. I hope everyone has lots of energy for our amazing classic party games like statues and limbo. Finally boogie at the disco while we make a balloon for everyone. Age 4-7 years

🌟 Choose a Party Theme! 🌟

What Happens!

🌟Magic Show
Expect lots and lots of laughing and pointing as Miss.Firefly tries to do some magic tricks. Usually one special person has extra magic inside them. With a visit from our puppet friend Coco!

🌟Party Games
Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Four Corners…..games vary to suit the group on the day. With lots of fun music.

🌟Balloon Animals
We make balloon animals for everyone to take home!! If you a have larger numbers we can offer quick choices if you would prefer to fit in more games.

🌟Mini Disco
Some of your favorite dances like the Macarana and Cha, Cha, Slide plus time to show off your best dance moves to some epic tunes.

🌟Optional Tattoos

You can choose to add in tattoos to a 2 hour party. Lots of designs to choose from and suits boys and girls. 


1 Hour – €145
1.5 Hours – €165

Suitable for any number of children

Please note: The Magic Show suits age 4-7 years and not groups that have older children attending our CLASSIC PARTY is suitable for older children. 

Party Bags

🌟Includes- Bags of crisps, 2 small sweet items and 3 novelty items. Example- mini jigsaw, stickers, puzzle book, pack of crayons, glider

Unisex  – To suit everyone
Fairytale – Princess, Unicorn, Mermaid, Flowers etc.
Adventure – Pirate, Superhero, Gamers, Wild Animals

🌟About Party Themes!

 If you choose a theme we will wear a costume to match the theme and add in some themed elements like for example themed party music, themed craft and themed games. 

You don’t have to choose a theme, your entertainer will wear a colourful costume to suit everyone!

Special Themes Include: Minnie Mouse, Pokemon, Star Wars, Dinosaur, Princess Poppy from Trolls, Safari, Butterfly, Hawaiian, Princess, Ninja