We believe that our the girls that come to our parties are beautiful just the way they are and we do age appropriate pampering fun.  We cover your sofa with throws and cushions and we bring a massage cushion for the girls to relax on.  We set up a girlie table and they all get to make their own rainbow bath salts and take them home. Our Pamper Party is all about fun pampering, it is a party after all!  Play nail varnish roulette, what colour will you get, get a colour hair streak, a glitter tattoo or Festival face design. While the individuual activities are happening we have activities for the rest of the girls.  No party is complete without some girlie games and music!

Individual Pampering has less group activities.

-Make your own rainbow bath salts…(the best part and unique to our pamper party!)
-Table set up with table cloth, pink bowls, spoons, all materials, containers to take your creation home and labels to decorate.
-Glitter nail painting with nail varnish roulette
-Colour Hair chalk/Glitter Tattoos/Festival Face Design (depending on numbers)
-Pamper bingo
-Throws and cushions for your sofa
-Massage cushion
-Girlie party games, music and microphone


Full Pamper Spa Party  – 2 hours – €170  up to 12, €5 per extra child. Max of 15.

Mini Pamper Party – 1.5 Hours – €150  – Max of 15. All above except one individual activity (nail painting) and no bath salt making.


Just a Note – Pamper Parties work better in your home and not in a venue!
– Travel charge may be applicable Contact us if you have any questions!
– All parties are different, we aim to fit in all the activities that you want but sometimes this may not be possible due to many reasons like children arriving late or taking a while to decide what they want etc.