About The Activities

We believe that our the girls that come to our parties are beautiful just the way they are and we do age appropriate pampering fun!

This party has lots of sparkle, chats and individual pampering. We set up your sofa with pink throws and a massage cushion for the guests to relax on. Before the party choose your 2 favorite treatments to offer to your guests:  glitter tattoos, nail painting, festival face glitter or body art..* We start the party with with all the guests getting their first pamper treatment. Next we set up your table with pink bowls and spoons and everyone makes their own rainbow bath salts to take them home or if they are younger children we can do bracelet making instead.  Then its time for your second treatment! We bring party music and disco lights and can play some party games Including Pamper Bingo and finish off with a disco. 

Boys can get involved in every activity. 

  •  Treatments take longer the more children you have and they are individual activities where the children are not bring entertained as a group.  If you want more entertainment choose  to do one treatment per child. 


?? Treatments – Glitter Tattoos,  Festival face glittter,  Nail Painting, Body Art*
?? Pink throws and a massage cushion

?? Make Rainbow Bath Salts
?? Party Games
?? Mini Disco
?? €165 up to 10, €5 per extra child 

?? 1.5 Hours, extra time for larger numbers

There may be an extra fee for travel

 Just a Note – Pamper Parties work better in your home and not in a venue!