You will never have been to a party like this before….its totally amazing!  This party involves following hidden clues, solving coded messages, riddles, combination locks and intercepted voice messages.  Along with lots of crazy games and spy training. You must solve all the challenges and complete your mission! This party will test the brainiest and most cunning of children. We cannot reveal too much about this party as it is Top Secret. Do you have what it takes? 

-Spy Training
-Spy Mission
-Video Messages
-Code Breaking
-Combination Locks

1.5 hours – €150 – Max of 15 Junior Spy’s

-There may be a travel charge for your area.
-For FAQ’s and T&C’s Click HERE.
-Activities are subject to change and depend on the numbers on the day and what the children want to do.
-Best to keep food until after the Quest is finished!