No.1 at slime making parties and workshops! We give a guarantee that it will work every time and we can teach you how to do it at home.  Get stuck into slime making for the first hour making amazing slime like Galaxy, Fluffy, Glitter, Unicorn and Stretchy. We can even make special Easter egg slime, Christmas Slime or Halloween glow in the dark slime. We play some of our specially designed slime games and everyone gets to take their slime home! We provide containers and aprons to wear.  This is a party you and your friends will never forget!

This party is not as messy as you imagine so don’t worry about that! We have done slime making to 1000’s children so we know exactly what to do!

How about a Halloween Slime Party!

-Slime making with all materials and aprons
-Containers or Bags to take the slime home
-Party games
-Music provided
-Optional Face painting

Lasts 2 Hours

Make 2 Slimes- €165 up to 10 – €5 per extra child

Make 1 Slime – €165 up to 15 – €3 per extra child

Glitter Tattoos (instead of face painting) – €10 per party (Max 15)
Party Bags -€2 each (contains 3 novelty items and 3 sweet items)
Candy Cones – €2.50 each


-There may be a travel charge for your area.
-For FAQ’s and T&C’s Click HERE.
-It’s best NOT to have food when we are making slime due to hygiene reasons
-We need a table for the slime making
-We use saline solution activator.
-This party is not messy however after the slime is made and played with we ask that it is kept away until the children go home. If the slime is opened again it someone gets thrown around and makes a mess.