Each guest gets a teddy bear that they stuff and take home! With a professional entertainer to host the Make A Bear Party. Includes games, activities, colouring and of course bringing their new stuffed friend to life. This is a party to remember!

What Happens! 

🌟Large Bear Kit for each child
Super cute 16 Inch bear skin to stuff, stuffing, wishing star & birth certificate

🌟Bear Outfit for the Birthday Child!
The birthday child gets a special outfit just for their bear!

🌟 Stuff Your Bear 
We show you how to stuff your bear just right. With quality control checks of course!

🌟Make a Wish on its Heart
Make a special wish with you bears heart

🌟Birth Certificate
Fill in your official birth certificate naming their new best friend.

🌟Decorate a bag 
The children will design and customize paper bag with a variety of materials to take home their friend in. 

🌟Optional: Decorate the bears t-shirt
Each child will receive a  t-shirt for 16 inch bears for their cuddly friend, which the children will customise on the day as part of the party experience.

Choose 2/3 Extra Activities

🌟Party Games/Disco
Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Four Corners…..games vary to suit the group on the day. With lots of fun music.

🌟Face/Arm painting
Get a super cute and cool face paint or arm design lots to choose from! 

🌟Balloon Animals 
We make balloon animals for everyone to take home!! If you a have larger numbers we an offer quick choices if you would prefer to fit in more games.

🌟Glitter Tattoos
Super sparkly tattoos with lots of designs to choose from.

🌟Circus Skills
Spin plates, play with ribbons, stilts, flower sticks and more! Great if you have lots of space. 


Duration– 2 Hours

Price– €250 up to 8, €20 per extra child

T-shirts – €2.50 each to add on

Recommendations – This party is best suited to age 5 and over however parents can make bears with children age 3 and over

Party Bags

🌟€2.50 each

🌟 Themes:
Unisex  – To suit everyone
Fairytale – Princess, Unicorn, Mermaid, Flowers etc.
Adventure – Pirate, Superhero, Gamers, Wild Animals

🌟Includes- Bags of crisps, 2 small sweet items and 3 novelty items. Example- mini jigsaw, stickers, puzzle book, pack of crayons, glider

Friends Ready for Adoption!

Cute Harry the Puppy is looking for a new home!
Cloudy the Bear is as soft as the clouds in the sky. She is looking forward to meeting you!
Penny the Panda loves to climb trees and have fun all day!
Wish the Bear has a sparkly purple nose ready for granting wishes!
“Hi Laura, Many thanks for Sadhbh’s build a bear party last Friday. She loved it and her teddy is wrapped up in bed with her ever since. All her friends claimed it was the best party, they love their teddies.