Top 5 Party Tips to Help You Have a Great Party! 

1.Keep all food out of sight during any group activity like the magic, games or crafts

2.Have the party space as clear as possible without toys and maybe remove any breakables!

3. Although toddlers are great  they can interrupt the activities and spoil the fun! We ask that any children under 3 are supervised by a parent. We cater for age 4 and over. 

4. Adults can be very loud! If you have choosen a magic show and have lots of adults at the party it’s best that the magic takes place in a separate room from the adults. If this is not possible please ask the adults to not chat during the magic. It ruins it for the children. 

5. Would your child prefer a smaller, calmer party or would they enjoy a big bash! Both can be fun! Keep in mind that the less children you invite the more activities we can do and the more attention we can pay to the birthday child and their friends. Every party and family is different, explain to us what you want and we will try our best! 

Set Up

Its very important that there is parking available at your home/ venue for your entertainer on the day! 
For set up your entertainer will need  a clear floor space and access to a plug for the music. If we are doing arts and crafts we need a table for everyone to stand around. 

When To Do Food 

It best to keep all food out of sight until after the entertainment is over.  Giving out food during the entertainment is a big distraction and could be a choking hazard during games.

For private parties we cover up to an hours drive from our base in Co.Waterford. We cater for kids party entertainment in all of county Waterford, Clonmel, Tipperary (some areas),  Kilkenny (Some areas), Cork (Some areas) We travel countywide for large events.

Yes we need to be able to park  directly outside your home or  venue.  It is also important that no one blocks in the entertainers car. If it is paid parking that is added onto your party fee. 

We need enough space for the children to dance and sit in a circle. Try not to have distracting toys in the room where the magic show is being held and remove any breakables.

It says on each party page what numbers the party is suitable for. In general the smaller the numbers the more activities we can do on the day! Circus skills needs a large space.

Our activities are designed for age 4 and over however 3 year olds are welcome to get involved with an adults help. We don’t have an upper age limit! 

We tend to see what the group is like on the day and spend more time on the games that interest them.  Four corners, musical statues, limbo, musical bumps, dancing games. No group of kids is ever the same!

We can do lots of things from swords to dogs and monkeys! If you have larger numbers or you don’t want this part to take too long we will offer limited choices.

The payment for the party is due in cash on the day. It’s best if you can pay at the start because it an be very busy at the end of the party. 

All deposits are non-refundable. However if you need to cancel/postpone your deposit can be taken from the next party you book with us! 

Yes but they must be ordered separately and they have an extra charge. 

€2.50 each

Themes – Unisex, Fairytale, Pirate/superhero

Includes- Bags of crisps, 2 small sweet items and 3 novelty items. Example- mini jigsaw, stickers, puzzle book, pack of crayons, glider

You don’t need to have a bouncy castle if you book with us because we keep everyone busy!  But if you do and you want to get the most out of the entertainment it is a good idea to deflate it during the magic show/arts and crafts and party games, this way all of the children will be fully able to enjoy them.   If you would prefer to keep the bouncing castle up throughout the party we can concentrate on doing individual activities like balloon animals. You may want to just note that the children may come and go from our activities. 

That’s totally fine! Its great if you an let us know before the day if any children have any special needs so we can know in advance if we need to do any extra preparation.  Some special needs children may have limited mobility or may not like bubbles or balloons so its great if we know that before the day.