Which Party?
Boys tend to like face painting and balloon modeling the most. Some groups of boys also love the crafts. If you have boys and girls the boys will usually get involved in what the girls are doing. Girls like all of the activities so it depends on the age group and what you and the birthday/communion/confirmation girl would like! To see number recommendations click on each party. 

Boys and Girls – any age Classic Party – In a theme or not
Magical Party
Pottery Party
Build A Bear Party (6+)
Crafty Party (6+)
(The Princess and Frozen Parties are suitable but more aimed at girls)
Boys Party age 4-7 Classic Party – In a theme or not

Girls age 4-7


Classic Party
Princess Party
Frozen Party
Magical Party
Crafty Party (6+)
Fairy Party (6+)
Build A Bear (6+)
Mini Pamper Party (5+)
Girls age 8-12 Fairy Party (6-9 years)
VIP Party

Girls Wanna Have Fun
Pamper Party
Build A Bear
Crafty Party
This type of party can have lots of different ages so we can discuss with you what you would like. The best options are:
Classic Party
Crafty Party
Magical Party


How many children should we invite?
We understand that it can be hard to keep numbers down and you may want to invite the whole class BUT the smaller the numbers the more activities we can do on the day. We recommend a max of 15 but can do up to 20 with most parties. We can do larger numbers as well we would just need to change the activities to suit! Activities take longer the more children there are so remember this if you decide to have an activity like face painting.

How long are the parties?
It says how long each party is on their pages. Most parties last from 1.5 to 2 hours with us arriving about 15mins early to set up.  Parties lasting less then 2 hour’s may not be available at busy times or for parties over 30 mins travel.

I want all the children occupied together for the whole time. What party is best?
The best party for you is one with no one-to-one activities like face painting, nail painting or glitter tattoos. Have a look at the parties on the party packages page. We can put a special package together for you.  If the children are busy with us all the time you will need to do party food and cake when we are gone.

When should we do our party food?
It says when is best to do food on each party page. It is usually best to do food when we are doing a one-to-one activity like face painting or nail painting.  This is the best way to get the most out of the entertainment. For some options it is best to do food when we are gone.

What is best for keeping the everyone busy?
Group activities are best for keeping everyone busy. These parties would be:

Classic Party with no face painting
Magical Party
Fairy Party
Crafty Party

Of course any party can be changed to have all group activities if you prefer! The price may be different. Girls tend to like the idea of things like nails and glitter tattoos but forget that all the guests will be getting them done and it can take some time. 

What do you charge for the parties?
The prices are on each party page. There may be an extra charge for travel or for larger numbers.

How soon should we book?
BOOK AS EARLY AS YOU CAN!!! Especially if you want a weekend or if your date is not flexible like a Communion.

What time should the party start?  
We do two parties on Saturdays so can advise you on what time is available. Usually we have an early afternoon and evening time. If you are having a party that is less then two hours we may have certain start times but these are flexible and we will discuss it with you.

Do we need to pay a deposit?
Yes, we need a €50 deposit to secure your booking. You can pay this in the shop on the website with paypal, bank transfer, postal order or cheque. When you book we can discuss all of the options. See our terms and conditions about deposits.

Do we need to arrange anything for the entertainment/workshop?  
For most parties we need space for the children to be able to dance and play and a socket for the music. We bring our own table and chairs for the face painting. On some occasions we may be able to bring a large table if you are having an activity like pottery making. 

Do the parties include party bags?
Party bags are not included unless you request them. This is so that we can be flexible with prices. You can pick what suits your party and your budget best.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for more information.