Are you ready to ROCK!  Be prepared  banging tunes, singing, dancing and lots of games! We will have funky music playing as you great your guests and once the guest list has arrived we warm up the crowd with some super energetic party games. Games like limbo, hotspot, four corners and musical statues. We might even need to test the guests VIP knowledge with a Really Hard Disco Quiz! Take turns walking the red carpet like your are a very special VIP.  Get stuck into dance contests with spot prizes, learn a dance routine and your DJ will make a balloon model for every child to take home as well as a party certificate to show how great you were at partying!

1.5 Hours – €150 – Disco Entertainer, party games, dance contests, spot prizes, red carpet, special games to suits the age group, balloon modeling.

Party Bags – 3 sweet items and 3 novelty items -€2 each
Candy Cones – €2.50 each

Travel Charge May Apply – See FAQ’s HERE
-We recommend breaking for food halfway through in a 2 hour party. Having food out during activities is a distraction!
-Activities may alter on the day to suit the children attending.