At this party we will do some fairytale arts and crafts like make a paper fairy house, make jewellery, colour a tiara or make a magic wand Or a funny magic show  with puppets. Next up are our energetic party games and everyone gets a balloon going home!  

You must decide if you want a Magic Show or Arts and Crafts when booking your party

What Happens!

🌟Party Games
Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues, Musical Bumps, Four Corners… vary to suit the group on the day. With lots of fun music.

🌟Balloon Animals
We make balloon animals for everyone to take home!! If you a have larger numbers we an offer limited choices if you would prefer to fit in more games.

🌟Mini Disco
Some of your favorite dances like the Macarana and Cha, Cha, Slide plus time to show off your best dance moves to some epic tunes.

Choose One:

🎨Arts and Crafts
Make a fab beaded bracelet to take home or choose a paper craft like making a fairy house, wand or tiara. You an let us know if you have a preference before the party

🌟Magic Show
Expect lots and lots of laughing and pointing as Miss.Firefly tries to do some magic tricks. Usually one special person has extra magic inside them. With a visit from our puppet friend Coco!


Duration– 1.5 Hours
With Arts and Crafts- €150
With a Magic Show – €165

Recommended Numbers – This party best suits up to 15 guests for arts and crafts and up to 25 for a magic show 

Other Themes:


⭐️Minnie Mouse                      
⭐️ LOL                     
⭐️Princess Poppy from Trolls