The fun never stops at Firefly HQ! We have been developing some super fun and interactive online virtual children’s parties.  Using the magical power of technology, your child’s friends and family will be able to celebrate their special day in real time. Your child and their guests will be able to engage with Miss.Firefly LIVE with plenty of fun and games.  If you can’t have your friends around for a party in person then have a virtual zoom birthday party with us. You can even invite you Aunt in Australia or your Cousins in California!

It doesn’t  have to be for a birthday, if you haven’t seen your friends for a while you can get together for some online fun with us! 

You tell us the day and time of your party and we send out the invites to your guests. On the day you log into zoom using the biggest screen you have available and we do the rest! At the end we all sing Happy Birthday and if you have a birthday cake the birthday child can blow out the candles. You can see our online Zoom party entertainer options below!

We recommend inviting a max of 10 guests/households if possible for maximum interaction!

This party has lots of dancing, party games, fun challenges and more! We start off with everyone saying hello to each other and next up is a warm up activity. Then we get stuck into party games and lots of fun! We tailor the activities to suit the age group of the guests invited.

Your Entertainer can do any of the following themes: Disco, Fairy Princess, Unicorn, Superhero, Pirate, Emoji, Minecraft, Princess Poppy from Trolls, Dino Explorer, Safari, Moana, Harry Potter

Duration – 30 minutes

Miss.Firefly will try to do some magic but as always she needs the help of her magical friends. One person at the party has extra magic in their fingers, I wonder who might that be! This party features magic tricks, puppets and music with dancing and party games added in if time. This party can also be themed as above.


Duration – 30 mins

How Does a Zoom Party Work? 

  1. You book us, pay for the party and arrange a day and time.
  2. We will set up the Zoom scheduled online party for the agreed entertainment date and start time.
  3. You send the invite to your guests
  4. You and the parents of your guests will need to download the Zoom App on your phone, tablet or computer.
  5. On the day of the party log into Zoom via the link we send you about 5 mins before the party start time.

On the Day

  1. We recommend using the biggest screen you can so the children can see each other and the entertainer.
  2. Have lots of dancing space
  3. Turn off any background noise
  4. It helps to have the child’s first name appear as their profile name on the screen

Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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